Friday, January 11, 2019

Art for Sale!

Have you SEEN my coasters? If not you might want to take a little look; they’re pretty awesome.  Just what a person needs whilst drinking a cuppa something.  Or not drinking a cuppa something. Also have some other pretty cool designs that I KNOW you’d like!

My raccoon painting is sold.  It was the most adorable 20” square painting EVER with micaceous earth ground into the blacks and an incredible, iridescent silver.  LOVE! But, I have magnets and coasters available!

The hands are mine.  I was working with charcoal one day and had our daughter shoot for me.  I knew we had something special with the reflections on my little charcoal pot.

The following shows their reflective nature, and their handy dandy cork back.  The chrysanthemum carving is a woodblock I carved. ❤️ 

And of course, everything’s better with Bob Ross.

You can find my coasters and more than you can imagine at ,

AND..... Happy new year!!

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