Saturday, January 5, 2019

Part the Sixth - Cat Painting

Part the Sixth of my creative endeavor featuring my cat painting.  See previous posts as they’re in order.  As creatives often do, I once again changed my plan, taking a different tangent and turning the entire painting upside down.  I decided I’d prefer the blue at top and the reds below;  all three - the blues, reds and golds presenting our cat Lupino in a very royal manner as he so justly deserves.  A step not shown is that I burnished the golds in the painting for permanent adherence.  Once oriented, I got out my handy dandy Lyra watercolor crayons and drew it out.  Lyra crayons are the adored but unsung heros of my art supply stock.  As sketching is my specialty, this is one of my favorite steps.  Crayon done I try to always walk away and leave it at least overnight.  When I come back I can see any little tiddly-pom discrepancies in my work and can correct them thusly.  This finished, it is finally ready for PAINT! 

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