Sunday, January 13, 2019

Photographing My Art

As photographing my paintings is so intense, I’ve been working on it myself with my timer.  Of all the photos I took today, I think I got only one good one.  The rest? Painting not square, painting upside down, oops - I turned it around and got my coat, my nose looks too big (well, it IS a proud family heritage!) too bright, stupid pose, stupid smile, on and ON! ANYWAY, I did this so you can see the size comparison.  Good things DO come in small packages! For sale.

This one came out pretty well, and the painting is square to the photograph.

Painting crooked....

Whoops... didn’t get to the chair in time...

Much too bright and really stupid pose - move camera!

Oh brother!  I reversed it!  (Nice coat, though!)

Okay, I GIVE UP!

Anyway, here is the painting once again so you can actually see the nice colors and details:

You can find my work at

Pretty baby!

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