Monday, January 7, 2019

Cat Painting, Part the Eighth

Well, this is now installment #8 in my creative steps toward finishing my cat painting.  Here we go!  The first picture shows the colors I chose for his eyes.  Previous to this I had a number of colors out on a test sheet and narrowed it down to exactly these.  Once I have the eyes finished, I note these exact colors in my planning notebook for future references in replication, cleaning, repair and posterity.
The second shot shows my setup, typical for a lot of my work, and I usually employ my handy dandy iPad.
The third shot shows my color choices for his nose. :)
The last shot shows me back to black and white with a tiny liner brush.  These long brushes are good for, well, long lines!  When you see I’m working this small, it shows that the end is in sight.

These are really just such beautiful colors, aren’t they?  Luscious.  Good enough to eat but I’ll refrain.
The little details I do with this brush will be the icing on the cake. Almost done!!  Yay!

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