Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hawaiian Masks

I recently finished my Hawaiian Masks for my son.  We enjoyed Hawaii this summer and our oldest particularly liked the wooden, carved masks.  I thought... "I could paint those..."

So... I did!  This painting is for Chase.

I began with an entire background of warm colors - reds, oranges and yellows, runny and fluid.

After drying, I went in with the cool colors - greens, blues, and turquoises.  Much of the painting I worked with my fingers, because I wanted to give a part of myself to my son.  I really like how the warm colors glow through the cool colors in the background. If you enlarge this, you can look closely and find my fingerprints.  I guess that means if I'm kidnapped or perform some crime, the fingerprint painting will lead them on back to me, huh?

Once finished with the cool colors, I went back in with some bright reds and heightened the warm colors to make a really bold statement.  All in all, I like it!  I'm glad I don't have to sell this one.

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