Tuesday, January 29, 2013

On Recognizing Beauty (an artist's perspective)

I wrote a poem  a few weeks ago.  This one is for those of you who see just a little more than your friends.  Okay, a lot more.

Alone, Recognizing Beauty

I saw beauty today.
It gave me pause.
Catching my breath
     for a moment
     I was transported
to a place of
    meandering streams, a cold rising sun,
    golden steam rising, lifting,
    to touch and mingle with...

Why didn't you look?
Eyes straight ahead expression closed neck stiff and unbending
Your world already
    laid out and planned.
No room for beauty.

Why is it that I can 
    reach out and touch
    breathe deeply the fragrance
    stretch -
    see the colors
    feel the wet
    taste the world
experience beauty, and dance on the dewy grass

When others build walls
Close themselves off
Surrounded in their comfortable pre-determined safety,
    and maintain their steady plodding course?

Cindy Johnson, December, 2012

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