Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Tardis finished (mostly!)

Okay - finally finished!  Took it outside to give it a coat of varnish, and to paint the back side.  The back would only accept one coat of paint, so I'll have to go back.  Even when it's finished it's not finished!

We had a photo shoot of four of us for the paper from the Art League with our doors.  Goodness, I haven't had so many pictures taken of me since our wedding, and probably not that many then! 

They wanted pictures of me painting my door.  Mixing paint.  Holding my brush.  Standing by the door.  Smiling.  Thinking.  Serious.  Holding my brush as if to paint, but not painting.  My door without me...

Each of the artists underwent the same thing - then they wanted us together.  With our doors.  With brushes.  Without.  Smiling... goofing off... 'painting' each other.

The doors will be displayed all over Montgomery County in quite a number of places, a few here and there.  The kickoff for the entire event will be at the end of January.  Then at the Gala, all our doors will be auctioned off.  I'm looking forward to it.

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