Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dr. Who's The Tardis - Donation for Habitat for Humanity

 Well, here's the second stage of my The Tardis door.  First stage was two coats of what I'm calling Tardis blue.

After that, I had to lay out all the lines.  Actually, I had to figure out the dimensions.  The door was 80 x 29 1/2.  Four vertical panels at 13", three spaces between them at 3", a 4" bottom, and the top section...

Let's put it this way:  Artists - pay attention in math class!  It took a lot of figuring before I did ANYTHING to the door!

Once I had my plans clearly laid out, checked three times and laid out plainly, I got out my string and charcoal to lay the lines.  After measuring the dimensions on each edge, I 'charcoaled' the string and had a friend help me.  I used it like a chalk line, which I don't own, so made my own!

Once the laborious task of figuring out all the measurements was finished, my next step was to tape everything off.  Yes, the hardest thing to paint is a straight line!  I could have had a masterpiece painted freehand by the time I got all these lines laid out!

This picture shows me pulling the tape off after painting some of the lines and shadows.

Here's what the door looks like so far, before the tape got pulled off.

And here I am, tape in hand, with my lovely door.  Okay, second stage done.  I had to run to the copy shop to use their ink jet printer to copy off the notice that the police put up.  This type of ink doesn't run when wet.  An acrylic gel medium attached it nicely.

Third step will be to (figure out the dimensions) lay out the top design, and then I'll get to do the fun part, adding the minor nuances to make it look like the actual Tardis.  I'll keep ya posted. :)

Forgot to tell you - I volunteered to paint this for Habitat for Humanity.  They have a gala and auction off doors painted by artists to raise funds for their cause.  I'm figuring that most of the people in the audience won't know what The Tardis is, or what in the world Dr. Who is, but the rabid few that DO know will really want this. :)  We'll see...

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