Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dr. Who's Van Gogh

Well, since I painted the TARDIS, I've had a lot of conversations with Dr. Who fans (and belatedly decided that I probably should actually WATCH one!)

My husband, Gary told me that I should watch the one in which they met Vincent Van Gogh, so I asked them to pull it up for me.  Okay, I admit it - I enjoyed it!

At the very end of the show, Dr. Who, his friend and Van Gogh were laying in a field, heads together and holding hands, looking up at the sky.  Van Gogh was describing what he saw in that night sky - the glorious colors, the movement, the song - and it brought tears to my eyes.

Afterwards, I told Gary that this is how I see things.  Often, when with family or friends, I'll see something and begin describing the beauty I see.  The colors, the shapes, planes, angles, the light... Most times, those around me will go 'um hmmm..' and give that particular beauty a glancing look.

All this to say - if any of you lives with an artist, watch that Dr. Who, and it'll take you one step closer to understanding her.

Here's the link:

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