Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ginger in a Watkins Bottle

This painting turned out to be a lot of fun to produce.

On a background of orange, pink and yellow, I drew in my most recent bouquet - a couple almost insignificant ginger flowers in an old Watkins bottle.  I think the simplicity of the subject lends itself to the charm.

Because it was so simple, I decided to draw it really loosely, not paying too much attention to correct proportions.  For me, at least, it makes for a painting that's just plain fun.

Working a lot with my fingers - actually, now that I think of it, I worked ONLY with my fingers, I laid in the turquoise, green and blues.  Quite a bit of blue was worked over the pinks to make the foliage  more interesting.  The juxtaposition of the cool and warm colors playing against each other just makes me happy, and I was sure to sometimes miss the ginger flowers when I added the yellow.  My theory is that it makes for much more interesting work that keeps people both guessing and looking.

And, as a salute to Renoir and his imaginative painting-naming, I think I'll call this painting - 'Ginger in a Watkins Bottle.'  :)

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