Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Interesting Photo Editing

I find this fascinating and am really impressed with the updates on my photo-editing process with my iPad.  The first pic was automatically straightened in my editing process and the second picture is before I edited it.  This is a reproduction of Norman Rockwell’s Barbershop Quartet in Nashville - isn’t it delicious?  I recently gave a presentation in an 800 seat auditorium.  The tech guy set up the projector for my computer at the base of the stage and aimed it at a 60 degree angle up to the screens which were close to the ceiling.  I was certain it would distort the heck out of my photos at that angle but it didn’t.  It worked the same way my new photo editor does.  Cool, huh?

And yes, I do give presentations; glad you asked!  It’s just another part of my business.  If I can hold close interest of 600 students from age 8-18 for 90 minutes or a lively group of 200 Cub Scouts I’m pretty sure I can hold the interest of your group too.   And what would it be about?  Pretty much anything to do with art! :)

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