Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Michelangelo vs. Bernini

I’ve been working through the Renaissance with my students and compared Michelangelo’s David to his predecessors.  Now we’re comparing his David to Bernini’s.  

Bernini took the majestic greatness of ‘The Divine Michelangelo’ and stepped it up with expression.  Whole body expression right down to the toes.  I love them both. 


 Michelangelo’s David is determined to kill me but Bernini’s David is wound up like a top to kill.  Wow.  I love them both.  (Yes, I added the swag for my students’ benefit). Bernini literally changed the face of Roma, and when you walk the town you find his incredible work around every corner.  Rome is such a delightful place and the fact that you can find fountains and great work everywhere you turn is a big part of it.

As for me, there is no choosing between the two.  They were both great, they were different.  I choose both!

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