Sunday, October 20, 2019

New Series of Paintings

Vote #1, #2, #3 or #4; I’m very curious which painting you like best!  I’ve worked another series here and am in the varnishing process. Pretty sure I blew off some brain cells today doing THAT!  They’re getting many coats of UV protectant varnish.  These are pretty big pieces; you can judge by my toes and the leaves how big they are. Which is your fave? 

This first one is the biggest, I haven’t measured yet but probably 34x40”. .... maybe? :)

#2 - This one is probably 24”x36”.... maybe...

#3, this one is a nice, cute size, at about 16x20”.  Artists do measure.  But we estimate a lot too.  In all honesty I’ve got a show coming up soI’m working hard.  Measurement isn’t as important right now as getting them varnished.  I put many coats on for serious protection, UV protection and a nice gloss.  THAT is what is important right now... getting the layers of varnish down, letting them dry, and adding more layers.  Time.

And coming in last but not least, #4.  This one is... hmmm... about 20”x18”.  Maybe.  Oh!  This is the only one I’ve posted on my website so far - so if you’re dying to purchase it before someone else gets their greedy little hands on it, you can find the size AND make it your own in a minute!

I WOULD appreciate your vote. :). These help me determine what my adoring public (haha) wants.

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