Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Matisse Paint Pour

For all its bold color I named this one ‘Matisse’ and took some shots of it so you could look at all its little nuances.  Really love the way the blues and reds mixed in this one with little bold shouts of black and white.  That gunmetal sparkle throughout is like the icing on the cake.  Armchair shopping at its best -
This photo shows how big it is: 8” square with 3/4” depth.  It’s on cradled birch - gorgeous, smooth and sturdy.  My little giraffe friend likes it too.

I was a little frustrated because I forgot to take pics of this before I laid down the resin.  Even in the video you can see a lot of reflections and probably see me with my camera if you look closely.  But you know, it’s all right - you can really see what you’ll get, and THAT’S a good thing!  Absolutely love this one with two of my favorite compliments working together

This shot shows how it wraps around the sides.  I love that it continues the art all the way around. :) ❤️ 

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