Friday, October 25, 2019

Florescent Coasters for Gifts

I’m excited about this sneak peek into my Christmas season wares - fluorescent coasters for gift giving!  This is a little smattering of what’s to come, reminiscent of butterfly wings, dragons and old Florentine marbled papers.  Hit these babies with a black light and they come alive!

Absolutely loving these.  The one below reminds me of a bird’s feathers.

This next one looks to me like dragons or spiny fish.  In person the blues and greens recede into the background and the reds and pinks come forward, giving it a three-dimensional effect that is mind boggling.  I tried to take a video of it but that didn’t show it either.  I guess you’ll just have to buy it so you can see it in person.

This one looks pretty cool as well.  The yellows float a surreal layer on top of everything, and I adore the lacey black lines.

Ooohhhhh.... this next one... here you are with your Florentine marbled papers!

This one looks like an x-ray, doesn’t it? :)

And this... well, let’s just close our eyes and go back to the 70s...

If you’re interested in any of these, I haven’t listed them on my website yet as I’m preparing for a couple shows.  Email me at if you want one; they’re $15.00 each.

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