Saturday, September 7, 2019

Art Fair Pieces

Here are some of the many pieces I’ll be selling at the Market Street Art Fair NEXT Saturday, September 14.  

Note that the tiger is a poster; I have small posters of some of my animal paintings even though the paintings are sold.

  I’ll also have tons of stickers and magnets, LOTS of coasters (which are still curing) and most of all, original paintings!  

It’s impossible to get a shot of this guy, who is 24”x30” - VERY STRONG PAINTING!  He’s on a bed of gold. :)

I’ll have a TON of paint pours.  I’m working on wiring them and letting all the coasters I made cure.

Hope to see you there!  Many of these are on my website; if you don’t want a piece to go to someone else, you can buy it there and pick it up at the faire.

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