Friday, September 6, 2019

Creamsicle Painting

This acrylic pour is just so beautiful, and the colors so rich I think I could eat it.  Some of the colors remind me of a creamsicle and next to those peaches all I can think to name it is ‘Luscious.’  If you could see it in person and see the depth and breadth of all these colors glowing it up together I bet you’d think so too!

I created this on an 8” x 8” square cradled birch and the colors flow over the edges to make even the sides look like art. I also signed it on the side because I didn’t want to disturb the beautiful flow of colors.  Rich, high-quality acrylics make this an archival, non-fading heirloom. At $60.00, that’s quite a bargain and a great one of a kind gift!

Note: this is an extremely thick layer of acrylics.  What do you do if it gets dusty?  Take a damp cloth to it.  That’s all!  The surface is impermeable.

You can find more pictures of this painting and more information at my website, Come and find me and knock out a few Christmas gifts with pleasure from your own home!

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