Thursday, September 19, 2019

Lion Watercolor Sold

Sold! My Door Knocker Lion.  I painted these heavily saturated watercolors on a super heavy, smooth watercolor paper which insured this gorgeous lay-down.  Once finished, I drew my lion in first lightly in pencil, then went over it in pen; not that I would ever make any mistakes, but ya never know! ;). It probably wouldn’t have mattered anyway, because if you DO make any mistakes on this type of paper, there’s no erasing anyway!  

My lion painting was inspired by Narnia, the show we put on.  I was in charge of sets and also played in the orchestra for the shows.  I wish I could find the files but I’d have to dig deep to find the Wardrobe I painted.  It was lovely and sported a door-knocker lion as well as all kinds of lovely things in fake, painterly bas relief.

Here’s a closeup.  I couldn’t have been happier with the way this turned out.

And another... when you use super nice (expensive) watercolor paper, this is the kind of gradation of colors you can expect.  Since this was inspired by Narnia, I used highlights on this painting the same way I did in the show.

I’m so glad this painting sold to someone I love very much.  May she get as much enjoyment out of him as I have. 

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