Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Creative, Problems

This was my morning layout to get resin on all these pieces.  It was an adventure, to be sure.  I learned a few things - 1.  An assistant is a must (thanks, Noah and Melody)!  2.  If you work with resin in 100 degree heat, the exothermic reaction will kick into high gear and the resin will burn your hand (even through gloves,) and 3.  Whilst getting your hand burned turn off the blowtorch so you don’t start a secondary fire.  This said, I am READY to continue the work EARLY in the supposed cool of the morning and have made up my mind to never do this with my art classes. I like my students to have adventures, but not quite THIS much adventure! Watch here and my website in the coming days for all these lovely coasters, and a couple small paintings, to be added. :) 

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