Sunday, September 1, 2019

Lily, Lily Painting

Start now and get a jump on Christmas so you can enjoy the season.  I love this pretty painting! 

To me the colors seem rich and modern.  My little friend likes it too.

The lily pops out at me and glows in its iridescents and silvers.  The way the colors flow around each other pulls my eyes around the painting as I follow the ways the paints move and blend together.  Such a beauty!

This is an acrylic pour over 8”x8” cradled birch.  I used the highest quality archival paints which will not fade with time.  That and the sturdy frame will make it an heirloom!  Wired and ready to hang.  Signed on the side.

The website is: and there you can find many more pictures of this painting along with lots of information including the price, which is a MERE $60.00!  Check me out!

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