Monday, September 2, 2019

My Art and Dave’s Killer Bread

You see one of the pictures I took for size comparison is with Dave’s Killer Bread.  We ALL know how good that stuff is - it’s art!  So, art next to art. 🙂  

This beautiful baby is a nice 16x20 and will make a strong impact wherever you put it.  I had difficulty photographing it to show the golds and the glowing layers without getting reflections.  It looks good in pictures but it pretty stunning in person and looks like a happy celebration as the bleeds and swirls pull you in.

Created with the highest quality archival paints on sturdy, 1 1/2” deep cradled birch.  The colors will not fade and you will be able to pass it down as an heirloom.  Signed on the side because it was just too beautiful to disturb anything by front signing.  Find it at at a bargain price of $300.00! Oh happy day! You’ll find lots more infor and photos there as well. :)

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