Thursday, September 26, 2019

Big Cat Painting

Here’s looking at you. ‘Those eyes!’  That’s what most people say when they see this big cat.  I achieved that effect by painting extremely thin layers of colors on top of a bed of gold so they really DO shine!

I’ve painted lions, tigers, bears (oh, my!) raccoons, wolves and dogs, definitely time to throw a cat into the mix.  Here are some pictures of my painting, entitled ‘Smile,’ which has a Cheshire Cat attitude and a BIG attitude at that since the painting is 24”x30”!  Painted with golds, bronzes and a deep grey paint loaded with pulverized mica, it glows in all kinds of ways (and is hard to photograph).  I’ve got several photos in different lighting so you can see what happens as a good portion of this painting is reflective.  

You can find it at  For sale to a good home - a pet you don’t even have to feed!  $800.00 for this beautiful painting which is heirloom quality in every way.

There you have it! One very big cat with one very big attitude, and maybe a secret or two. ;)

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