Saturday, September 28, 2019

Art Studio Work

People ask ‘How long did that painting take?’  Here’s an essential part of my process that never shows.  I choose my paints very carefully for any piece and a lot of planning goes into it that no one knows about.  Mixing colors, matching colors, working out compliments, mixing, finding opaques and transparents.  It’s here where I wrestle with problems so that once brush meets canvas there are no mistakes.  It may look sloppy and messy now, but that gets all worked out so that HOPEFULLY the final will be brilliant.  Also, these notes are important because years later I can refer to them for repairs or for posterity.

For this commissioned work I am making sure the new piece will not necessarily mimic but at least match the two other pieces I’ve done for these people.  You can find lots of my art at

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