Sunday, September 1, 2019

‘Loving’ Heart Painting

I named this one ‘Loving.’ Even Mr. Giraffe loves it and he KNOWS.  9x12” on cradled birch. 

You can find detailed information about this awesome paint pour and more pictures on my website,

Oh my goodness, the way the colors moved is just incredible!!!  And so bright and beautiful.  The golds and pearlescents really make it shine!

As you can see, I let the paint drip off all edges to make it one piece of art, and signed on the side.

You’ll find lots more pictures on my website.  Isn’t this one just so much fun?

This one will make a very special gift for that very special person.  If you like it, get it fast because I’m certain to never be able to do one like THIS again!! 

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