Saturday, August 10, 2019

Two Octopus Paintings

These are my two octopus paintings, the first one with toes for scale. :) They’re both 24”x30” and gorgeous with rich, glowing colors! I call this first one Octopus Walking and it’s for sale.  The second one I named Maestro and is sold. 

Did you know I use the highest quality archival paints that resist fading? They’re painted on gallery-wrapped heavy, deep frames and coated with a UV protectant varnish.  These babies are not just going to last, but will become heirlooms.  When you purchase art, you need to ask this kind of question - ‘What kind of paint do you use?  Is it fade-resistant? Is there acid in the canvas or any of the supplies you use? Have you protected it?’  Most of the work I see sold in stores is made to last for a very short time before it fades to nothing or simply falls apart.  And many artists - sorry, people! - use below-average materials which look good for the moment but will not last.

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I love the way they look sitting next to each other; it looks as if they’re reaching for one another. The way I painted them was with glazing - many layers of clear, colored coats one on top of the other.  It gives a beautiful, glowing, stained glass effect.   Even though they will be going to different homes, I like to think they’ll still be friends. ❤️ And as for the FIRST one, Octopus Walking, it could be YOUR home! :) 

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