Friday, August 30, 2019

Art Coasters for Sale

I have been seriously busy adding work to my website every day getting ready for fall markets and shows.  That being said, if you like any of these, grab them now!

 Gorgeous, huh?  I’m curious which one you like best.  Details to make them yours are on my website,

Now that I have them photographed, I’m going to flood them with super-glossy protective resin and give them nice cork backs. 🙂.

You would notice this following one has a little chip out of its corner.  Picture me digging through bins of discarded builders’ junk, chipping grout off tiles, scrubbing them and you’ll get the idea.  I asked if people wanted to be reminded that these are recycled and got a resounding ‘YES!’  So, I used some with tiny chips, left a little grout, and we will celebrate recycling and helping this ol’ world.  That being said, I think these little stunners don’t lose anything but actually gain personality with these little blemishes.

Whew!  Pretty all over the place!
If you want them, now is the time because I am not going to be making more! As far as the black and gold coasters, I made only eight and will post the other four soon. 

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