Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Pennants Painting

Pennants for sale!  I thought we needed a little breezy pick-me-up to bring us out of these summer doldrums.  Can’t you just feel the breeze? This painting is for sale on my website and is guaranteed to freshen and fun-up any place you put it.  Because of the warm vs. cool colors it’s extremely hard to photograph.  The photos showing the bright pennants are true to the pennants, but wash out the background.  The ones that make the background glow in turn make the pennants dull.  Just look at them all and believe that the background is bright and interesting and the pennants virtually glow. Here are four different photos; put them all together and they still won’t be as pretty as the original!

The following one isn’t quite this green, but the underlying greens really do glow through the blues.  Also, the flags glow like this and you can see a little texture through them.

The following photo shows better the true colors of the background, but the flags don’t look this dark at all.  You can see here that the background colors really are myriad and can see some of it leaning toward pink.

This last one is truer to the flags, but I’ve also got some of those nasty old reflections in it.  Sigh.

Inspiration?  Well, if I’m driving somewhere and see pennants flapping, I often give in to an irresistible urge, make a u-turn and park under them for a few delightful moments.  Yep.  You should too.  Might just make your day.  Check them out at

Now, two more:

This first one shows how nice the flag looks, but the background is totally whited out.  This is what I’m talkin’ about!  These flags are gorgeous!

And now this, the flag looks dark and dreary, but the background is more true to color.  I need a personal photographer!  At any rate, this painting glows with color, texture and layers.  It’s just so fascinating to study it will draw you in and you will be LOST WITHIN ITS DEPTHS.

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