Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Paint Pouring

Honestly, you guys, I think these things are bedazzling.  I’m working hard on Christmas gifts and will be loading them onto my website soon. I am loving this closeup.  

This has been one of the most difficult summers of my life.  After shoulder surgery I really spent it all on physical therapy, shoulder care and trying to sleep.  It’s been far too much for me to do my ‘normal’ painting, but these paint flows have been really therapeutic. Since I’ve pretty much dedicated my life learning to color, all I had to do was learn the rudiments of pouring and I’m pretty happy with the results.  

Oh my goodness, isn’t this gorgeous?  I ADORE the pearlescent paint mixed in!  Sooo cool!

After a dry summer of creating almost nothing it feels really good to be able to turn out something that I think is beautiful.  I hope YOU like them too!  This last one is the entire painting.

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