Friday, August 2, 2019

Paint Pouring Coasters

Here I made a set of matching coasters and oh, do I love them! 

Because I’m recycling tiles, I decided to leave some of the grout from their previous life on them to give a nod to their past, acknowledging that we need to recycle.  I’m curious what you think of this or would you rather have a perfect edge?  I think of the Amish and how they purposefully put one piece of a quilt in upside down or just ‘wrong.’ Their aim was to point out that the only One who could do anything perfectly is God.  

I really like that one.  Here they are all together; notice the rough edges.  I rather like it.

The color combination is downright carnival-cheery if you ask me.  Hey!  Carnival!  Let it be known these are my carnival coasters!
Honestly, are they too pretty for coasters?  Maybe I should just put hangars on the back.  Doesn’t everyone need tiny four inch art hanging in tiny corners?

Anyway, they’ll be up on my site soon for sale if you don’t grab them first! Do you like the color combo?

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