Friday, August 9, 2019

Upcoming Art Classes

Gathering supplies for my new students - can’t wait to meet them!  Classes start SOON and I am gearing up! I have a couple spots left in each class so look up or and let me know if you want in.  These are formal, weekly art classes for homeschooled students ages 9-18 through the entire school year.  The websites: and

And, a little known fact about me - I almost never erase to get rid of a mistake.  Not that I don’t make a LOT of mistakes, I just draw so lightly and loosely in the beginning that the mistakes simply get covered up. Do you see how these art erasers are flat?  That’s because they’re for oh so much more than deleting bad stuff.  They’re good for drawing in ‘light.’  They do highlights, reflections, light lines, smudging, strands of hair... all this can be erased out of dark values with the edge these babies have.  Love these things!  

Want to join in on the fun and creativity?  Check out the websites and let me know!*

* If you’re interested in privates, I give them as well.  Just ask.

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