Saturday, August 31, 2019

Galaxy Painting for Sale

This little 8”x10” piece will draw you in and converse with you about galaxies, planets and stars.  It actually fills me with joy just contemplating the possibilities!  In it you will find blues, teals and whites alongside blacks, golds and opalescents which give a rosey hue and make you feel like you’re staring into the depths of space.  Coolio!!

Oh, those iridescents!!!! Yummy!

You can find lots more photos of this painting on my website,

I painted this on a small, 8”x10” canvas with high quality archival acrylics.  A peaceful and powerful painting at a great price of $80.00, signed on the side.  You can see I let the paints flow over the edges to make the entire piece ART!  Perfect for a unique, one of a kind gift, or for yourself, just in case you need a little trip into space now and then. ;).

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