Friday, August 23, 2019

Newest Painting, ‘Festival’

I decided to give you a little tour around my latest painting.  This one is a 16x20 paint pour.  I wanted to incorporate whole bunches of cheery, complimentary colors, a lot of gold and some iridescents for a downright, riotous festival.  Hmm... I should name it festival.  Festival it is!  Now, to cure, then I have to varnish and wire it.  Look for wonderful new stuff being added to my website regularly as I get ready for upcoming shows and Christmas giving. Super bad reflections in this first one; it’s mirror-shiny. :)

After the entire painting, here are some closeups:

Oh my goodness, I love the way the colors meld and how you can see through the layers.

The above one, where it looks kind of grey, it’s really blues, whites and the iridescents that make it look that way from this angle.

I’ll be putting it up as soon as I get it wired.  If you’re interested, let me know right away as I’m sure this one’s going to go fast!  


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