Friday, August 30, 2019

Art Decision Making

Okay, so here’s the problem, and one reason why it’s so wonderful to get a perfect piece.  I adore this 8x10.  I love the colors, the way they flow and intermingle, the shapes... everything.  Except for the leaf stuck in the paint.  What would you do? I could try tweezering it off, but the chance of ruining the entire piece is about 85%.  I could just pour resin over the whole thing and call it art... hmmm?

Other things that can happen?  People mowing and blowing down the street - flying debris.  Insects, twigs, dirt... the paint literally sliding off once I get it ‘set’ and ruining the entire composition... cats and rats and elephants... SOOOO when I get one I like - I REJOICE!  Let me know what you think about my LEAF painting.  Would you buy a painting with a leaf? 

Honestly, for me, it’s so beautiful I’m just not willing to risk ruining the whole thing to remove one leaf.

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