Sunday, August 11, 2019

Wolf Painting

Wolves!  This wolf is laying on a bed of splashy golds and I did just the right amount of painting to take it from an abstract to the wolf that he is.  The painting is wild because, well, wolves are wild!  Love those gold splashes.  If you look very closely, there’s a nice tame bit of green hidden in the fur.  This is a really strong painting and will entirely dominate a room for you!

I’ve painted lions and tigers and bears, it seemed only fitting to paint a wolf as well.  24”x30” on heavy gallery wrapped canvas.   I use the highest quality archival paints and finish it all with a UV varnish so you’ve got yourself an heirloom with my work!

Here’s a nice close-up:

Absolutely love those splashes!  Take a walk on the wild side and check out my art at

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